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What Charm Are You?

What Charm Are You?

In our new column, 'What Charm Are You?' we explore the way that charms tell our own personal stories, and chat with friends of the brand about what charm best represents them. Today, the very talented photographer and director Sophie Elgort shares hers with us - and tells us how she keeps her life "charmed"...


What charm are you and why?


I'm the Gold Global Compass Charm. Maybe it's a bit ironic because I actually have a terrible sense of direction - my dad always joked that he was going to buy me a compass for my birthday. I love to travel, have adventures, and learn from and about different cultures.


If you could create an original charm, what would it be?


Something with musical notes on it. Music is such a big part of my life - I think it's a big part of everyone's actually, but it's something we take for granted. It can change the way we feel in an instant. It can bring people together.  


If you could put together a charm bracelet, what kind of story would it tell? 


Family, love, friendship, living life - there would definitely be some pictures involved.


What do you do each day to keep your life "charmed"?


It's lots of little things I love - spending time with family and friends, taking care of others, taking care of myself, enjoying food and drinks, spending time outdoors, listening to music, playing music, taking pictures, the list could go on and on.


For more on Sophie, follow her on Instagram here.