The Meaning Of Rings On Each Finger: A Ring Wearing Guide

The Meaning Of Rings On Each Finger: A Ring Wearing Guide

Jewelry should not just be beautiful. It should be about pieces we love as precious objets and accessories, and much more than that. Jewelry has the ability to evoke powerful emotions, whether it be a specific feeling or our uniquely personal ability to tell a story. And, there is one piece of jewelry in particular that is notably capable of capturing such a power: the ring. With a history that dates back to ancient days, it is a jewelry style that has traversed continents, cultures, doctrines, and philosophies. The meaning (or meanings rather) of rings are both powerful and long standing, and with the meaning of the rings on each finger being distinct, the power to tell your unique story unfolds.


Jewelry has a remarkable ability to tell our story in ways that we may not have ever considered - in a way that can be both inspiring and empowering. It is the unique meaning of rings associated with each finger that has the ability to tell a story as complex as that meanings’ origins. While the ring’s beginnings has a centuries old history, which dates back to 2500 BC in Ancient Egypt, the meaning of rings on each finger is still something that is embraced and appreciated today. Wearers of jewelry continue to use rings to chronicle their lives, whether it be to show relationship status or perhaps to convey their strength or success. Afterall, we all have stories to tell - why not let rings tell yours.


What Do Rings on Each Finger Mean?


Let your rings be the storytellers of your life, whether it be for mere sentences or perhaps an entire chapter. Some ring meanings are more familiar, such as the left ring finger telling a story of love, conveying marriage or engagement status. At the same time, the significance of other ring fingers are less known, in some cases their recognition has faded over time. However, a look into these hidden meanings can unravel how they might be used to tell your own story today, translating their age old symbolism into something relevant and personal.


So, “what do rings on each finger mean” you might ask? Here, we’ll explore these varying meanings. From those that come from ancient cultures to ones stemming from royalty and modern day traditions, each ring bearing finger shares its own significance. With this knowledge, you can start telling your own story with rings. You may be surprised just how much can be conveyed from the pieces found right in your own jewelry box.


Pinky Finger


We’ll start our journey through the meaning of rings on each finger with the pinky. This finger’s moniker stems from the Dutch word pinck, which means “small finger”. Although indeed the smallest finger, wearing a ring on it can share quite a significant story.


Intelligence & Intuition: When considering the meaning of rings on each finger, we are often guided to each fingers’ spiritual or mystical ties. And, the spiritual meaning of wearing rings on different fingers is one that is appreciated by many today. Through palmistry, each finger is thought to connect with the Greek gods, leaving each to carry a collection of messages and feelings. As for the pinky, this finger is thought to be ruled by Mercury, symbolizing intelligence and intuition. Hence, wearing a gemstone ring on the pinky is believed to enable these powerful characteristics.


Marital & Professional Status: The pinky as a ring finger also has historic meaning that relates to our marital status, profession, or social status. A popular choice in the 19th and early 20th centuries, a pinky ring was often worn by men as an indication that he was married - a tradition that dates back to the Victorian era and the associated courts of British royalty. Along with being a symbol of relationship status, a pinky ring became commonly associated with professional status. In particular, simple bands of silver, iron, and other metals began to be worn by those who had graduated in the fields of engineering and ecology.


Ring Finger


Next, we move to the ring finger, which, as we can tell by its name, is one of the more popular fingers on which we wear our rings. This ring's meaning is one that is more well-known and classic. The meaning of a ring on your ring finger has endured through time, finding its way into modern day tradition. It tells a story that has also stood the test of time - a story of love, of course.


Engagement & Marriage: When thinking of the meaning of rings on each finger, the meaning of a ring on the left ring finger is likely the first to enter your mind. This tradition travels back further than you may have thought, with origins stemming from Ancient Rome. Believing that a vein ran directly from this finger to the heart, the Romans marked it as the perfect spot to show your love. Therefore, even today, it is common in Western cultures to wear engagement rings and wedding bands on this finger, signifying marriage. This tradition has carried into other cultures, such as in Germany and Russia. Here, the ring is instead worn on the right ring finger, however, it still stands as a symbol of devotion.  


Middle Finger


We now arrive at the middle finger. It’s not often you’ll find a ring on the middle finger, but when you do, it has a powerful and energetic meaning - one that will have you reaching for a band to place upon your own.


Balance & Power: With the middle finger being central to the hand and prominent in length, it is often connected to feelings of power and balance. Whether it be a simple band, a stunning gemstone, or an heirloom piece, adorning your middle finger with a ring can instill a sense of stability and stand as a powerful statement. If you’re seeking a sense of solace or balance in life, wearing a ring on the middle finger can act as a powerful reminder of these feelings.


Index Finger


As we travel across the hand, we reach the it's most dominant member: the index finger. Whether pushing a button, pointing, or giving a direction, this finger is often the most used. With this dominance comes a powerful symbolism that would empower almost anyone.


Confidence & Leadership: With the dominance of the index finger comes a meaning of confidence and leadership, a powerful symbol for independent women. This meaning is further set in stone through the finger’s ties to Jupiter, the planet that symbolizes self-confidence, leadership, and ambition. If self-assurance is something that you’re searching for, an index finger ring can bring an uplifting sense of trust in yourself.




We make our way across the hand, finally reaching the thumb, where the presence of a ring makes a true statement. The history of adorning this finger with a ring finds its way to ancient Greece, where it sent a bold message of wealth and status. However, thumb rings weren’t always used for making a statement, but rather for protecting the thumbs or archers dating back to the Neolithic period. The history of thumb rings extends throughout diverse cultures and centuries, leading them to stand as an exceptionally bold statement amongst the rest.


Power & Status: Decorating the thumb with a ring has been seen as a symbol of power and influence in a myriad of societies, particularly with men. But today, the thumb ring has become a choice for women as well as we make decisions about which stacking rings to choose each morning. The pieces worn on this finger are typically crafted from precious metals, such as gold. For this reason, they have been thought to be a mark of success, with the striking and noticeable thumb ring acting as a trophee of accomplishment. Today, whether for a flourishing career or interpersonal attainment, a thumb ring can act as a symbol of pride and a celebration of success.


Telling Your Own Meaningful Story Through Rings


It may be surprising to learn how much can be translated from the rings found within your jewelry box. From telling a story of love to one of success or strength, or perhaps letting them stand as an amulet of balance or empowerment, there’s truly more to these stunning pieces of jewelry than meets the eye. You can choose to tell whatever story you’d like, whether a message to those around you or simply a secret meaning for just you to know. It could be a diamond ring upon your ring finger to symbolize your love and commitment. Or, perhaps you could choose to adorn your middle finger with a simple gold ring for a grounding sense of balance. And, with no two stories alike, you’re sure to find a way for the ring's meaning to fit your unique narrative. So, how will you use the rings in your own jewelry box to tell your story?