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What Diamond Pendants Mean To Us

What Diamond Pendants Mean To Us

10 of our Most Meaningful Diamond Pendant Necklaces


Pendants and Pendant Necklaces have a rich history. They date back to our earliest beginnings and have taken many forms in women's jewelry wardrobe over the centuries. The have been available in a variety of metals and gemstones, whether silver or sterling silver pendants, or gold pendant necklaces. We wanted to share ten of our favorites that combine 18k gold, diamonds and plenty of meaning and inspiration.


  1. 1. The Infinity Diamond Locket: We think this is the little black dress of our locket collection. Simple, modern, timeless, elegant, 18k gold … yes it does all that while featuring one center rose cut diamond! What makes it meaningful though is that special story you choose to put inside it. Only you will know what those words or pictures are, and how they inspire; unless, of course, you choose to reveal the secrets it holds.

  3. 2. “My Earth” Necklaces with Diamonds: This is one of our favorite truly thoughtful fine jewelry gifts. It answers the question, “Where have you been together, where are you going?” Whatever the answer, we have a diamond for that place. We can put diamonds in all the locations that you choose, so the Earth necklace becomes a roadmap of a lifetime of adventure and happiness.

  4. 3. “One of a Kind” Diamond Poesy Ring: We love this from our Poesy Stackable Ring collection not just for how it looks, but for what it says. Inspired by 500 years old rings that bore inscriptions of love and friendship, our modern-day Poesy ring is engraved with “one of a kind” and the message hidden inside the band will be a source of inspiration for the woman who wears it.
  5. 4. Sun, Moon and Stars Medallion: If you've told someone that you “love them to the moon and back”, or that they are “your sun, moon and stars”, then this pendant necklace is a perfect piece. In 18k gold, with diamonds, it can be paired with a gold or black steel chain and will be a reminder of those words whenever it is worn.
  7. 5. The Four Image Locket: Our four image lockets incorporate the detail and craftsmanship that allows for four photographs, words or notes. That can be a most meaningful gift opportunity as you decide what stories to tell within the piece. Pictures that span many years and family members are a great place to start, but this style – which comes in many sizes and designs – can allow for truly creative storytelling.
  9. 6. Mini Apollo Charm Necklace: Apollo was the god of healing, poetry and music. What else do we need to inspire us to enjoy every day? Available in two sizes, the Apollo Charm with its bow and arrow motif is one of our favorite meaningful diamond pendant necklaces.
  11. 7. Diamonds Reborn Necklaces: The styles in Diamonds Reborn build on our commitment as a Certified B Corporation to keep improving in the effort to make our fine jewelry more sustainable. All the styles in the collection – including the diamond pendant necklaces - use only recycled precious metals (18k gold and sterling silver). The gold is pair with reprocessed diamonds that come from previously owned jewelry styles, and the silver with lab created diamonds. For the customers who value this step towards more sustainable jewelry, any Diamonds Reborn design will be particularly meaningful.
  13. 8. Diamond Never Fear Critter: Sometimes meaning can come in the most delicate pendants or pendant necklaces. All of our Diamond Critters have the meaning of each necklace inscribed on a tag by the clasp. The Diamond Snake designed for the collection bears the inscription “Never Fear”, a message intended to provide daily inspiration and empowerment.
  15. 9. Mini Love Necklace: All we need is Love. This petite Diamond pendant necklace combines the most meaningful word across the ages with just the right amount of diamond accents. It can be worn with all her other short necklaces to create that perfect short-layered look.
  17. 10. Hot Air Balloon Necklace: What could be more meaningful than a style that prepares her for your next great adventure together? This design combines a pearl “balloon” with diamonds and 18k gold. The little basket moves freely like with any hot air balloon in flight, and the romance of past and future adventures is the message embodied by this pendant.

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