Monica’s third annual collaboration with Estée Lauder is available now for the holidays. This year's inspiration drew from Fairy Tales – and who doesn’t love Fairy Tales? Below Monica gives us an inside look at the 2018 collection and her inspiration behind the designs. Shop the collection and read more at Estée Stories

A Sprinkle of Magic Powder Tinkerbell Compact
Pleasures The Mad Hat Perfume Compact
Princess Dreams Powder Compact

Princess Dreams Powder

“This Sleeping Beauty Compact is one of my favorites because it’s feminine. You almost expect the eyelashes to open, and the vines wrapping around are symbolic of sleeping for a long time. Because she’s a princess, the button to open the compact is a little crown.”

Modern Muse All Grown Up Perfume Compact

Modern Muse All Grown Up Perfume

“This is all about how Alice drinks the potion and grows. You can see her peering out of the window and her legs are stuck out of the door and chimney. The pink is surprising, but it’s about the fantasy – a pink house with red roof!”

Pleasures Off To The Ball Perfume

“The reason we made the pumpkin white and black – and only the door orange – is to give you a sense of urgency. Think of when Cinderella is running to the carriage, and it starts to change back into a pumpkin.”

Beautiful Wonderful Tea Party

“This means there’s always time for a party and that we should be in the moment! We loaded up on the teacups because it wouldn’t be a party if there was just one. The colors keep it cheerful, and the teacups are white inside from the milk.”

Modern Muse Gingerbread Cottage Perfume

“Even though this is Hansel and Gretel, the inspiration for this cottage came from a cupcake! The ‘Once upon a time’ theme is symbolic of newness and fresh steps, and we added a few unexpected colors and details.”

Time For the Queen Powder

“The quote inside is so apropos – at least in my life, it is! It’s all about taking the time and not letting things pass you by. Meanwhile, I combines the clock with the playing card symbols to merge the characters of Alice in Wonderland.”

Courtesy of esteelauder.com

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