Tell your story with sterling silver necklaces

Tell your story with sterling silver necklaces



While sterling silver has a long history in jewelry, that history was built on an even longer background where the use of fine silver (.999% pure silver) in jewelry dated back to older cultures as diverse as the Egyptians, Romans, and those areas throughout what is now Mexico, Europe, the British Isles and Scandinavian countries.  


Sterling silver has a rich American history and early colonial silversmiths like Paul Revere used it to create beautiful household objects, utensils and personal pieces like buckles, buttons, rings and beads.


Sterling silver jewelry has become common in United States in the past two hundred years, but it was first formally recorded worldwide in cultures and countries that pre-dated the founding of our shores. The first official records of sterling silver as a metal dates back to the twelfth century in the areas that are now Germany and Great Britain. Because fine silver is a soft metal it was mixed with other metal alloys (most commonly copper) resulting in sterling silver (92.5% pure silver) which was more appropriate for commerce, coinage and other uses due to the hardness added by the other alloys.


Any trip to flea markets and antique shops worldwide will inevitably lead to the discovery of magical sterling silver jewelry designs most commonly dating back to the dawn of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Given this rich history, it is no surprise that jewelry designers worldwide have used sterling silver to build wonderful collections appealing to women everywhere. To start it all off in this country, Louis Comfort Tiffany formally introduced the British standard for sterling silver in jewelry to America in 1851.


When we made our first jewelry designs, we were inspired by the long heritage of silver and sterling silver in fine jewelry. And because our very first jewelry design was a locket, it is no surprise that sterling silver necklaces are a foundation upon which our brand is built.

Sterling silver lockets and charms



We have a core value for our brand that Jewelry should not just be beautiful, it should empower and inspire you. If we can create designs that accomplish that, we know that what connects a woman to each individual style will in some way tell a unique story about them.


It's no different for our sterling silver necklaces. There are four major collections within our brand where those styles allow for a rich storytelling experience.




When we launched our brand, sterling silver lockets were the very first pieces we made. They grew out of Monica’s roots as a fine art portrait photographer, and the goal was to make an iconic jewelry category cool, sexy and modern for a new generation. In order to make the finest sterling silver locket necklaces, we built them in a whole new way and used white gold wire in all the hinges and clasps do that they would last a lifetime. Today, we offer many different silver locket collections from the slim, fresh and modern Slim Locket Collection to the intricately constructed four image lockets.


What one decides to put in their locket is the ultimate storytelling decision. We don't believe it always has to be a picture of family, but can include photos of our accomplishments of dream places to be visit. We also love the idea of words, notes, inspiring passages and quotes. And to make that all easy, we created the locket bar, a technology that allows you to perfectly size images and text from your phone, tablet or desktop and print them for the sterling silver locket necklace you choose.

Sterling silver necklace and charms



When we created our sterling silver Charm Necklace Collection the idea was to build it around grand themes that were important to all of us. Themes that we would find empowering because they said something about hopes, goals and aspirations. For example, Carpe Diem, Dream, Adventure are themes that were embodied by spinning faceted rock crystal orbs, a crescent moon with sapphire accents, or a compass with intricate detailing. Whether that sterling silver necklace was a self purchase or a gift, who ever chose it would do so knowing that it connected to a story in their life journey.


Today, our silver charm necklaces come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. They come short and can be layered with other pieces to create the perfect neck mess, or are available on longer chains as the perfect statement piece or long layer. They include pieces inspired by the animals we love, old pocketwatch keys or Greek mythology.


One of the most popular parts of our charm necklace collections are our Design Your Own necklace options. Our multi station design your own chains, allow you to mix and match, or add and remove your charms as you like thereby creating a multi chaptered storytelling experience.




Monica discovered silver Poesy Rings in a flea market in England many years ago. Poesy Rings dated back to the 1500’s and were exchanged by men and women as tokens of affection, love and friendship. Because she always loved how young girls would wear a family ring on a long chain as a necklace, Monica was inspired to create the Poesy Ring Necklace Collection. These sterling silver necklace styles feature rings in a variety of creative designs with inscriptions of empowerment, friendship and love, that can be mixed and matched on chains short and long.



For centuries men and women have found inspiration in the heavens. The stars and moon have created dreams of love and adventure, while the sun provides a warmth and energy that reminds us to reach for the very best we can. Terms like I love you to the moon and back, you are my sun, and stars, goodnight moon, to the moon and back, are just a few of the many empowering words that have become part of our lives and our family’s lives. All of this part of Monica’s inspiration when we created the Sun, Moon & Stars Collection. There are crescent moons with blue topaz and moonstones, layering chains with each motif accented in white sapphires, and Medallion styles pave’d with sparkling stones. The multitude of sterling silver necklace styles in this collection allows each of us to find the perfect piece that reminds us which part of the heavens inspired some leg of our own personal journey.

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