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    "I Love You More" Diamond Stackable Ring

    Starting from $960

    "I Love You More" Sapphire Stackable Ring


    "I Love You More" Sapphire Poesy Stackable Ring

    Starting from $1,250

    "Queen Bee" Poesy Sterling Silver Stackable Ring


    "One of a Kind" Poesy Stackable Diamond Ring

    Starting from $565

    Pave Sapphire Infinity Stackable Ring


    "One of a Kind" Sapphire Poesy Stackable Ring


    Pave Diamond Infinity Stackable Ring

    Starting from $1,645

    Double Infinity Stackable Ring


    "Queen Bee" Poesy 18K Gold Stackable Ring

    Starting from $485

    Infinity Stackable Ring


What is a promise ring?%expanded-mobile%

A promise ring is recognized as a symbol of a more serious commitment in a relationship, and the extent of that commitment can vary between each uniquely individual relationship. The nice thing therefore about a promise ring is that each couple can makes its meaning uniquely their own.%expanded-desktop%

We see the promise ring as a timeless idea, and in that respect when we think of our favorite promise rings for her, the timeless background of our poesy stackable ring collection is at the top of our list. Poesy rings are rings that date back hundreds of years, and were given as symbols of love, affection and friendship. They were uniquely engraved with words, or poesys, that expressed the feelings between two people. Some might consider them to be the earliest engraved promise rings. When given to women by men heading off across great distances, the poesy ring became a classic promise ring for her. Our poesy stackable ring collection has many rings that are pre-engraved and can be the perfect promise ring. Whether the engravings are direct expressions of love, or simply inspiring ideas that one wants the person receiving the ring to carry with them each day, the meaning of each poesy ring can make for an empowering and romantic promise ring choice. Within this collection you will find not only gold promise rings, and diamond promise rings as possible styles to choose, but rings in other materials and gemstones as well.

The Infinity symbol is a reminder that anything is possible. This can apply to all aspects of our lives, including our relationships. In that respect, the rings in our Infinite and Boundless collection can make the perfect promise ring choice. Available as both silver promise rings and gold promise rings, this collection, which deconstructs the infinity symbol into a contemporary take on infinity-inspired jewelry, reminds us that we can take our unique relationship to a new level of commitment.