5 Custom Charm Bracelets You Can Create with our DIY Tools

5 Custom Charm Bracelets You Can Create with our DIY Tools

We love to be able to offer our customers custom charm bracelets that they can create themselves on our website with our DIY tools. There are so many ways to mix charms and chains in a way that tells your personal story, and we offer a wide variety of charms - from travel charms to celestial charms - that you can put on your custom charm bracelet. Here are 5 charm bracelets you can create using our tools...

Silver and gold custom charm bracelet

We love the mix of silver and gold on this custom celestial charm bracelet, which can be easily recreated using our DIY tool on our website. Our Audrey link charm bracelet in Sterling Silver pairs beautiful with this mix of gold and silver charms. Pair the chain with our 18k gold and lapis happiness sun charm, our Sun, Moon and Stars medallion, our My Sun Moon and Stars charm and a half locket charm to recreate this beautiful bracelet.

Sterling silver charm bracelet

This classic sterling silver charm bracelet features our Audrey link charm chain and several half lockets in various styles, making it the perfect bracelet to showcase images that tell your story. It also features our mini compass key charm and our Dream moon charm. We've also showcased a few charms that we love for a sterling silver charm bracelet - our Dorothy medallion, Queen Bee charm, and My Earth charm.

18k gold charm bracelet

You can easily create this custom 18k gold charm bracelet, which features a variety of different empowering charm styles that all say so much. The Audrey charm chain in 18k gold is the perfect base for our Never Fear snake charm, our Time Is Now charm, our Dream Moon charm, our Apollo charm, and our Queen Bee charm. We absolutely love this inspiring bracelet. Every time you look down at your wrist you'll be reminded of a message that empowers you.

Gold and silver charm bracelets

These two charm bracelets provide plenty of inspiration for creating your own custom charm bracelet.


The top 18k gold charm bracelet features our heavier Rosalind link chain, which really packs a punch, and includes several of our favorite 18k gold charms: Our Carpe Diem Fob, Time Is Now charm, Sun Moon and Stars Medallion, Happiness Lapis key Charm, and Apollo charm.


The Sterling Silver bracelet features our My Sun Moon and Stars charm, Half locket charm, Love charm, and Dorothy medallion.


All of these charm bracelets can be easily recreated as custom charm bracelet using this DIY tool for Sterling Silver, and this DIY tool for 18k Gold. We also encourage you to create your own, and mix and match charms that feel unique to you!

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