A Guide To Gemini Meaning and Jewelry

A Guide To Gemini Meaning and Jewelry

By Violetta Lazé



Astrology and gemstones have a significant correlation to each other. Both subjects are based on energy. Gemstones will provide different experiences to every sign. When it comes to pairing gemstones with zodiac signs there are projective and receptive energies. Geminis can highly benefit from wearing gemstones because of their grounding energy, which has the ability to center Geminis back into their body. Geminis are often seen living in their head and tapping into their creative genius by utilizing the full capacity of their mental faculties, so they need a reminder, or a gemstone, to anchor back into their physical vessel.




The traditional birthstone that encapsulates the Gemini meaning along with the essence of its birth month - June - is the Pearl. The phenomenon of birthstones originated in the first century when there was a realized connection made between the twelve stones, the twelve months of the year along with the twelve signs of the zodiac. Priests used to wear all 12 primary gemstones on their breastplate to cultivate optimal health and power.


Gemstones are considered storehouses of energies, manifestations of the purest forms of the universal energies of creation. Stones have been perceived to be like magical batteries that contain and concentrate the earth's energy that is in turn passed down into the body and its surrounding field. They are divine gifts from the earth that have been believed for centuries to improve our lives, personal development, and relationships. According to folklore and stories throughout history, gemstones are thought to possess mystical healing properties that are passed down to its wearer.




The metaphysical properties of the traditional Gemini stone, pearl, heightens intuition, mental and emotional faculties, aligning thoughts with feelings and overall brings emotional intelligence to the wearer. It is gentle and fragile by nature therefore softening an agile mind which Geminis tend to have because of their ferocious curiosity and insatiable desire for knowledge. They often feel their duality is burdensome so wearing a pearl as their chosen gemini necklace can assist in bridging the gap of separation and polarity into oneness.


Pearls are known to have an incredibly nurturing effect that regulates an overactive nervous system. That is why pearls are ideal as Gemini jewelry because they love to do everything and be everywhere at once which can overwhelm them and cause anxiety. It is a modest, quaint, and gentle gemstone that brings peace, humility and modesty. Geminis tend to struggle to find the balance between their soul and ego because of their cerebral nature and wearing and meditating with pearls can help regulate this and soften their edge. The anatomical rulership of this sign are the hands so wearing a Gemini bracelet, necklace or ring would be ideal to soak up the benefits of these gemstones.


Ancient Greeks believed pearls to be symbols of innocence, purity and integrity. In Chinese culture, pearls have been known to heal any and all physical illness while believing that they will bring wisdom, courage, and spiritual enlightenment. There are legends with islanders and pearl divers that say the pearls that lay within the wisest oysters would face the moon and harness the moon’s divine feminine energies which is another mystical property to this birthstone.


Geminis are known for their versatility which also mirrors their fashion sense. You might be drawn to wearing two gemstones so the second traditional previous gemstone that represents you is Alexandrite. The stone changes colors and is multifaceted like the Gemini personality itself- a deeply rich green in daylight and a vibrant red in incandescent light with specks of chromium, iron, and titanium. This stone is rare and a magical find because it is only found while looking for other stones. There are no mines dedicated to sourcing them. Alexandrite is known to be the stone of good fortune because of the regal energy it emanates. It was named after Tsar Alexander II when it was first discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Symbolically this stone strengthens your resilience to change since this gemstone switches shades in the light which reminds us of the importance of maintaining internal balance and to have the courage to feel all the emotions we experience within. Alexandrite is known to boost confidence in the wearer while dispelling any limiting thoughts that cause one to doubt themselves. The shape-shifting stone will enhance emotional maturity by aiding one to self regulate their feelings. A Gemini can really use a mental break with this powerful stone!




Gemini, you possess the gift of gab where you can openly speak your mind and hold a solid conversation with all walks of life without any judgments or biases. You can bring any object to life in your imagination by simply having a conversation with it. Telepathic communication is common with people and animals since you are ruled by mercury, planet of communication which offers a strong ability to articulate thoughts and feelings cohesively. You have a silver tongue with the wit of a scholar. The influence you aim to have on the people around you is mastering communication while opening their mind to be flexible. Highly sociable and extremely fun to be around, your circle can count on you to have an active social calendar and invite them with you. This is primarily because your elemental ruler is air which represents words, thoughts, social environments- where you thrive in. A shadow side to the gemini personality is feeling uncomfortable in solitude or escaping deeply feeling their emotions through social functions or getting lost in rabbit holes acquiring knowledge. Geminis are notoriously known to be symbolized by the twins because they represent duality. They get a bad rep for being “two faced”, but they really have an uncanny ability to remain neutral and see multiple perspectives.

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