What are the Birthstones for each month?

What are the Birthstones for each month?

….. And their corresponding zodiacs!


As far back as we can remember, many of us heard about our birthstone from a parent, grandparent or other family member. In all likelihood, it may have also been the stone in one of the first jewelry pieces we received as a gift. For those of us who might not be sure, we thought it would be fun to round-up the birthstones for every month with our own personal take on what makes those stones so special.


January Birthstone – Garnet


We love the deep red color in a garnet. It has that perfect hue which reminds us of a glass of the finest red wine. In nature, it evokes the pomegranate in its shading, and in ancient times garnets were associated with the seeds of that fruit. The January zodiacs associated with this birthstone are Capricorn and Aquarius.


February Birthstone – Amethyst


We love purple! It is such a wonderful shade in fashion and accessories and the only stone that captures it widely is amethyst (purple sapphires are awesome but are much more rare). The soft purple hues of the amethyst work in so many wardrobes and color combinations. The February zodiacs are Aquarius and Pisces.


March Birthstone – Aquamarine


When we think about aquamarine stones, we think about the sparkling ocean waters around a tropical island. The brighter the sunlight hitting the water, the more varied are the aqua shades, which correspond beautifully with the full color ranges to be found in aquamarines. The March zodiacs are Pisces and Aries.


April Birthstone – Diamond


When we think of diamonds we think of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, The Duchess of Windsor, The Crown Jewels, a girl’s best friend…yes, we could go on and on. The April zodiacs are Aries and Taurus.


May Birthstone – Emerald


Emeralds remind us of the lushest green fields around the world. From the greenery of the English and Irish countryside to the Western Plains of the U.S. or to the greenest places on every continent, every emerald location evokes the beauty of the emerald gemstone. The May zodiacs are Taurus and Gemini.


June Birthstone – Pearl


Before there were cultured pearls, there were the divers into the waters around Japan who brought pearls to the ocean surface. We think of a handful of pearls bathed gently in sea water that would one day find a home in the world of fine jewelry. The June zodiacs are Gemini and Cancer.


July Birthstone – Ruby


The ruby for us is a stone steeped in history and intrigue. It is a stone of kings and queens with mythical qualities. If we were writing a mystery novel about a daring jewel heist, it would undoubtedly involve a ruby with the most delightful bright red color. The July zodiacs are Cancer and Leo.


August Birthstone – Peridot


If we were to take an emerald and infuse it with the purest of waters the outcome would undoubtedly be the perfect shades of peridot. The peridot has a gentle water like quality and a green hue all its own. The August zodiacs associated with Peridot are Leo and Virgo.


September Birthstone – Sapphire


Is sapphire just most perfect blue color in all of gemstones? We think so, which makes it the most precious of all blue stones. Like rubies, sapphires are steeped in history and one can find stories about them throughout every culture. The September zodiacs associated with sapphire are Virgo and Libra.


October Birthstone – Opal


When we think about opals, our mind immediately goes to Australia, the home of the world’s finest opals. The deep fires that burn within all of the stones in the opal family are like a glimpse into the symphony of light throughout the galaxy. The October zodiacs associated with opal are Libra and Scorpio.


November Birthstone – Citrine


The only yellow toned birthstone, citrines are like a combination of sunlight and honey. Their sparkle evokes the shimmering tones of sunshine that change color throughout the day. Throw in the windswept amber stalks of a wheatfield and you get the picture! The November zodiacs are Scorpio and Sagittarius.


December Birthstone – Turquoise


Our favorite turquoise is the Sleeping Beauty stones from the namesake mine in Arizona that is now closed. The purity of that color is the very essence of turquoise and the history of turquoise in Native American jewelry and crafts defines the iconic legacy of this beautiful stone. The December zodiacs are Sagittarius and Capricorn.

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