A Guide to the Cancer Meaning & Jewelry

A Guide to the Cancer Meaning & Jewelry

By Violetta Lazé




Astrology and gemstones have a significant correlation to each other. Both subjects are based on energy. Gemstones will provide different experiences to every sign. When it comes to pairing gemstones with zodiac signs there are projective and receptive energies. Cancerians are deeply sensitive creatures which makes them fall in the receptive category. They will benefit from wearing gemstones which will remind them of their inherent worth and emotional truth when they lose sight of their internal compass.




The traditional birthstone that encapsulates the meaning of sweet Cancer along with the essence of its birth month - July - is Ruby. The phenomenon of birthstones originated in the first century when there was a realized connection made between the twelve stones, the twelve months of the year along with the twelve signs of the zodiac. Priests used to wear all 12 primary gemstones on their breastplate to cultivate optimal health and power.


Gemstones have been utilized as an ancient spiritual healing tool for centuries. It has been believed that various stones hold certain energetic frequencies that are derived from the earth which can realign spiritual and emotional imbalances. It has also been said to mystically heal and prevent any ailments and illnesses in the body. Gemstones can be seen as storehouses of energies that when tapped into can provide holistic remedies, enhance specific emotions, bring forth clarity within all relationships and positive direction in endeavors to the wearer. Their magic can be unleashed through intention setting upon wearing them. Birthstones have been a withstanding phenomenon that originated in the first century when there was an uncanny correlation made with the 12 signs of the zodiacal wheel, 12 months of the year along with the 12 primary gemstones. Shamans and priests would adorn their bodies with the 12 gemstones while they perform their sacred rituals to cultivate optimal health and power.




The metaphysical properties of the traditional gemstone that represents Cancer, ruby, amplifies personal willpower, motivation, intuitive reasoning, strength, passion and confidence. A cancer's innate nature is soft and gentle therefore a ruby will assist them in stepping out of their shell and share their gifts to the world. The Cancer sign symbol is the crab for a reason - hard on the outside but soft on the inside. They are often initiated by the universe to step out of their shells, so to speak, to teach the world how to honor your feelings and sensitives. This is why it is believed that wearing rubies can banish any timidness around acting on your will or speaking your emotional, mental, and spiritual truth to the world. The most important and valued characteristic about rubies is its deep, intense, blood red color. They call it ruby red because of its enchanting hue. The red of rubies is in a class all by itself- warm and fiery. Cancers tend to be shy in their communication or expression and can use the magic of rubies to enhance their fire, spirit, and zest for life. In the thirteenth century, rubies were established as wealth increasing stones. Dragons were engraved in them to protect homes and enterprises. Rubies are also known to protect the wearer from any negative energy or nefarious characters around them. It has been known to be a psychic defense with an ability to strengthen the body's auric field from any physical ailments by increasing chi - life force- and warmth in the body. Jewelry pieces that are set with rubies are said to banish sadness, negative thought patterns and dispel fears on the wearer while producing joy and strengthening will power.


The second modern gemstone that represents cancer is the pearly white moonstone. There is a beautiful astrological alignment with this stone and this sign because the planetary ruler of Cancer is the moon, hence “moonstone”, which represents the divine feminine essence, fertility, intuition, the mother archetype, receptivity, vulnerability, and overall, the soul. The moon shows us how we respond emotionally and what we feel most deeply. Moonstones will bring to light any hidden or stagnant emotions that cancers may be storing in their heart. It will illuminate the truth of their soul like the full moon. This stone also has the ability to assist cancerians to develop their emotional intelligence. It has been said to regulate depression or any emotional imbalances which cancers are susceptible to because of their deeply feeling nature. It has been said that Moonstones have profound healing powers that cross over from the spiritual to the physical where it can integrate the light with the dark, bring balance when the tides are turning in life, and tether a deep connection to your soul. It can also amplify a cancer's innate nurturing and loving traits while enhancing their compassion for the ones they are taking care of. Moonstones will align them back into their intuition when they are doubting the whispers of their higher selves. Wearing a moonstone as your cancer sign zodiac necklace would allow the properties of this stone to seep into your heart.




What does the cancer sign mean you may ask? Well, “What does your gut say?” Asks the wise cancer. Cancers possess an uncanny ability to connect to the wisdom of their soul. The element that represents you is water- you are mysterious and alluring like the depths of the ocean. Feelings often run so deep that you regularly feel reclusive and want to retreat into your shell in order to process and move through the emotional energy. This is because of your divine gift of empathy and sympathy which you use to service the world. You have mastered the skill of vulnerability which offers you the capacity to have strong intimate relationships. Throughout life you are bestowed lessons of high emotional intelligence with proper judgment between what the truth is and what your fears are. The anatomical rulership is the chest and stomach. Be mindful of your stress levels and that you are taking care of yourself as much as you are otherwise digestion issues will present themselves as a signal of imbalances in giving and receiving. Cancers are resilient and can endure many hardships. Your sensitivities and profound imagination are superpowers!

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