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My Favorite Things: Jennie Lodge

Everyone loves to root for a Midwestern girl with a heart of gold—especially when she's got a flair for fashion. Blogger Jennie Lodge, a twenty-something Iowa transplant to the big city (San Francisco) logs an almost-daily chronicle of her outfits and life in the Bay Area. Lodge started the blog, Going West, to keep in touch with her family and friends back in Iowa, but it quickly evolved into a style site, drawing an ever increasing following that extends well beyond her immediate circle. A passionate vegan and animal lover, Lodge's style hovers between beautiful girl-next-door and edgy rocker. Here, she shares some of her greatest likes and fondest memories.

Item I own that gets better with age: My Harley Davidson boots
Most powerful photo I’ve ever seen: Tenement photos by Jacob Riis
Iconic fashion designer I most admire: Diane von Furstenberg
Favorite vintage fashion trend: Costume jewelry
Book I have read more than once: Kerouac's On the Road
Who I follow before, during, and well after Twitter: My friends
Fave old-school song on my iPod: Dare I say it? George Michael's "Faith"
Smell that makes me feel most nostalgic: Autumn air.
Favorite family recipe: Wacky cake, an incredibly common recipe but special to me because my grandmother taught me how to make it.
Best advice I’ve ever received: Don't worry about trying to be cool and popular. When you grow up, you'll realize the people that care about that stuff don't matter.
Unofficial home away from home: San Francisco because Iowa will always be home.
What I’m currently coveting: A mid-century modern credenza for my apartment.
Words to dress by: Don't just look good, feel good in it!