Dogs in lockets, <br> lockets and dogs!

Dogs in lockets,
lockets and dogs!

Dogs in lockets, lockets and dogs! Since when is this a thing? We still enjoy the opportunity to share our hilariously, adorable Scout Locket Video! We created this video a few years ago, but it captures the spirit of our locket collections. Those collections are designed to be as fun and everyday as our best family friend waiting patiently at the front door, leash dangling from their mouth, ready for the morning walk.


After all, how many of us count our dogs as important members of our family. For some of us, we grew up with dogs, continued to make them a part of our family as adults, and allowed our dogs to be watchful "siblings" to our own children. Which of course is how the cycle of family dogs will continue all over again for the next generation. So, for those with the furry family members, a dog locket, or a dog locket necklace would be a natural choice for our jewelry box. The locket can be as simple or luxe as one might like, because the dog story that is added to the locket is the owners secret to be revealed at one’s own choosing. One of our favorite collections of dog locket necklaces is our Slim Locket collection. Their simplicity and contemporary elegance make them the perfect dog locket that you might not want to take off! The slim collection is generally on a short, adjustable length chain, so it will be easy to layer with your other every day jewelry pieces.


Click below to check out the video. Let us know on our social channels what is your pet’s most locket worthy moment! Yes, and please include your cats as well! Shop the locket collection here and visit The Locket Bar here to add your pet's locket worthy moment to your own locket!