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Exhibit: Gary Winograd at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Exhibit: Gary Winograd at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This summer, we couldn't help but fall in love with the Garry Winogrand exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibition was less a collection of photography, but rather more a kind of tour through 20th century America. There was New York street style (yes, we said street style) in the  60s, wild times in Los Angeles in the 70's and most of all the nightclub - El Morocco - in the 50's.

There were a couple reasons why the chronicling of this NYC hotspot was our favorite part of the exhibit. One is that Le Morocco was the social epicenter of the city - much like Studio 54, Elaine's or Le Cirque - a concept that doesn't seem to exist anymore. Maybe it's because now there are more options out there, but there's romance in the notion of one spot where everyone who's anyone can be found on a Saturday night. The proprietors of these hotspots - characters like Sirio Maccioni - were more ringmasters than owners; playing a constant game of musical chairs with New York's elite.

The second - and perhaps most important - reason we loved this particular part of the exhibition, is that the woman in Winogrand's famous El Morocco photograph (who's laughing at her dance partner), teases us with earrings and a an ever so subtle band on her finger. The same goes for the woman in a different photograph drinking champagne with the man next to her, boasting earrings, a choker and a ring. It's these pieces we'd love to know the story behind, and we can only imagine the gems and jewels that walked in and out of those nightclub doors. Woody Allen would say we're victims of Golden Age Syndrome, but really we just feel certain things are timeless, like the mystery behind a woman's jewelry...

*The exhibit runs through September 21