3 Steps to Build a Gold Charm Bracelet

3 Steps to Build a Gold Charm Bracelet

When it comes to building a gold charm bracelet, there are really only a few steps to get you to the bracelet of your dreams. Start by choosing a chain for your gold charm bracelet, then begin choosing the charms. In choosing the charms, take your time, mix old and new, play with color and style, and just have fun! Below, we break down 3 keys steps in building the perfect gold charm bracelet...


Choose a chain for your GOLD charm bracelet


Charm bracelets can come together on a wide variety of chain styles. A thicker, more substantial chain, a thin and delicate chain, a paperclip chain...there are a bevy of options when it comes to picking the base for your charm bracelet - and several questions to ask yourself. Do you want something that makes a statement or something that is a bit more subtle? Do you want to be able to switch out your charms often (in which case, you could choose a chain with hinged links, that would allow you to add and remove charms easily)? A heavier gold chain bracelet will feel a little more dramatic, especially if you want to start slowly and begin with one charm. A lighter gold chain is a great base for a piling on the charms, and allows the charms to stand out a bit more. It's all about what style suits you best - and once you've chosen your chain, the fun can begin!


Choose charms that tell your story


Often the first charm you choose is the most exciting, as it's the first moment when choose something that speaks to you, and that you'll want dangling from your wrist each day. Choose charms that speak to various aspects of your life and values. Are you drawn to celestial pieces? Perhaps a moon or planet charm would appeal to you. Are you an avid traveler? You might love to start with a charm that evokes travel. Are you a sentimentalist? A love charm could be perfect for you. Do you want to choose a locket charm that you can fill with family photos? You can also decide to make your charm bracelet reflect one aspect of your life, or a particular passion. For instance, if you are a lover of travel, why not fill an entire charm bracelet with charms that are inspired by travel? If you're constantly looking to feel more empowered, fill your charm bracelet with charms that a meaningful and inspiring, like a Carpe Diem charm. The best part of a charm bracelet is that it evolves over time to tell your personal story, so take time choosing charms as you continue your journey.


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Mix vintage charms in with new charms


It's fun to build a collection of charms for your bracelet, and vintage charms are no exception. Hunt in flea markets, on eBay, at estate sales or jewelry auctions. There are so many places to find unique vintage charms in various styles. This is where you can find things that are playful, and speak to your interests. Are you a tennis lover? You'd be surprised at how many lovely and special tennis racket charms are out there. Do you love to ski? Monica's mother has a ski charm that she used to wear on her vintage charm bracelet that Monica coveted for years. The mix of old and new will add true character and style to your gold charm bracelet. It's also a wonderful way to add color to your gold charm bracelet. Don't be afraid to chose charms that "don't match." You can mix silver and gold charms on a gold charm bracelet; you can include colorful costume charms on a gold charm bracelet. Hunting for vintage treasures is a passion of Monica's, and a terrific way to make your charm bracelet even more unique.

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