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Inspired by: The French Riviera

Inspired by: The French Riviera

This week, Monica Rich Kosann jetted to the South of France to cap off August in style. Rather than simply bombarding our readers with photos from the vacation, we wanted to first explore the stories and inspiration behind a trip such as this one. The French Riviera has us recalling old movies like To Catch a Thief, where Grace Kelly and Carey Grant play a kind of cat and mouse game with the backdrop of the Cote d'Azur for their love affair.

With Grant being a jewel thief, and Grace Kelly being - well - Grace Kelly, this movie is all but irresistible. Between this film, the iconic James Bond film Diamonds are Forever, and Brigitte Bardot's frolicking in St. Tropez in And God Created Woman, we're feeling very inspired. Bon Voyage Monica; this week it's all about the South of France...