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Locket Worthy Destination Guide With Jane Larkworthy

Locket Worthy Destination Guide With Jane Larkworthy

With the holidays quickly approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to revisit our Locket Worthy Destination Guide. Whether it's a local trip to visit family for Thanksgiving, a warm weather getaway, or a winter ski trip with friends, the holidays immediately make us want to plan a trip. We often dub our favorite travel destinations as "locket worthy" - meaning, we want to carry the memories with us, both in our minds and in our lockets. Today's locket worthy destination guide comes from our friend Jane Larkworthy, currently Beauty Editor at Large at The Cut, and one of the most stylish, funny and intelligent people we've had the pleasure of knowing. She also happens to have excellent taste in all things travel, so be sure to take notes...


What is your favorite “locket worthy” holiday destination and why?


I've gotta say it's our place in the Berkshires. It's not very exotic, and we're up there every weekend, but it's our happy place. We're usually in the city on Thanksgiving, but for the first time, we'll be spending it in the Berkshires this year, and I cannot WAIT. Other than that, anywhere there's pristine snow, honestly. Snow is my locket worthy (or, would that be LARK(et)WORTHY...?)


Which hotel in the world is most locket worthy to you?


The Thyme, in the Cotswolds. It's painfully chic, cozy AF, its spa has wonderful treatments and, despite being in the middle of a little village, you feel miles and miles away from the real world. If I were loaded, I'd have the people who designed the Thyme renovate our old house.


What 5 things can you not live without while traveling?


My Tumi 19 Degree carry-on, Bose headphones for the flight, at least four Burt's Bees lip balms (packing only one is just tempting fate), Birkenstocks to explore in, and Bleusalt sweat pants to unwind in before breakfast and at the end of the day.


What has been your most memorable trip recently and why?


Alta, where we stayed at the Snowpine Lodge. Our son Luke flew down from San Francisco to ski with us. The snow was so abundant, we spent more than one morning sequestered in the lodge before it was "safe" to head out to the mountain.