7 Moms Explain 'Why My Locket Is Me...'

7 Moms Explain 'Why My Locket Is Me...'

A few months ago, we gifted some inspiring women our locket necklaces and asked them to fill in the blank: "My locket is me because..." The answers (and accompanying Instagram posts) were both emotional and empowering. What a woman holds in her locket necklace can tell us so much about her as a person. It's the perfect place to hold something or someone close to your heart. Check out some of our favorite responses below...

Natasha Huang Smith

Natasha Huang Smith: My locket necklace is me because no matter where I travel in the world, I can have my two favorite people close to my heart always. Becoming a wife and then becoming a mother all while still growing personally and professionally, can be exhausting, but when I see my locket, it’s a small reminder to slow down and be grateful for everything that this life has given me so far.

Meghan Jenay

Meghan Jenay: My locket is me because I am constantly reminded of the special bond I have with my son. For the past 9 months I had the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and fully care for my family around the clock. I recently returned back to work and to say the least I miss him tremendously during our times apart...No matter where my travels may take me, I’m able to hold on to a piece of my baby boy at all times.


Angi Greene

Angi Greene: Having a NY moment • I lived here in my 20’s and am reflecting how much life has changed in 2 decades • I was newly married and paralyzed by fear and anxiety and waves of grief over unprocessed emotions of losing my dad so young (crazy how grief comes up over and over again with new circumstances) • anyway...this morning I had coffee on my own (re-married, mother of 3, in my 40’s, creating my own business and a life I never could have dreamed of) • I work so hard and am beyond grateful for the community I have here when 99% of days I’m covered in food and snot with a hint of dirty diaper • today I feel so lucky to have my children around my neck in a different way.


Jackie Donovan

Jackie Donovan: My locket is me because going through my Nana’s jewelry was such an exciting past time when I was a little girl, the hidden treasures were always my favorite. I am so excited to be able to pass down something so beautiful and meaningful to Frank one day. This moment seen here was shortly ruined by the harsh truth that she couldn’t wear it to school.


Jenny Cipoletti

Jenny Cipoletti: When I was born, my dad gave my mom a ruby and diamond ring symbolizing his love for her and me - what they called a push present. From when I was old enough to understand, my mom would tell me that the ring would be passed down to me on my 18th birthday. The moment she gave it to me was so special, it’s a memory tied to a piece I treasure deeply and a time honored tradition I looked forward to continuing when Lucy was born. So when @fredcip said he wanted to get me something as special as my ring to pass down to Lucy when she turned 18, I knew exactly what it would be. This gold locket necklace holds the two I cherish most closets to my heart every day. And as I watch her gently play with it while she nurses, I can’t help but dream about the day when I’ll pass it down to her.


Amber Hurley

Amber Hurley: My locket is me because it is something very dear to my heart as inside is a picture of my Husband and I, and then my two amazing little girls. I wear it everyday to remind me what I have and to never do anything to jeopardize these precious gifts that God gave me!


Neha Malhotra

Neha Malhotra: My locket is me because it gives me a constant reminder to live more in the moment.

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