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One of the things we love most about summer is the opportunity to travel. Travel - whether it's to an exotic destination or to a family lake house an hour away - opens our minds, inspires us, and most importantly, gives us the chance to create lasting memories. For that reason, we often dub our favorite travel destinations as "locket worthy" - meaning, we want to carry the memories with us, both in our minds and in our lockets. Today's locket worthy destination guide comes from the very chic and talented Stephanie March - co-founder of the amazing SheSpoke makeup (it's our new favorite lipstick), actress and executive producer of the upcoming film The Social Ones. She also happens to be a travel connoisseur with excellent taste, so we couldn't help but have her fill out this week's installment of our new travel column...


What is your favorite “locket worthy” destination and why?


Oh man, this is a tough one, I love travel the way I love potato chips - all the time and there is never enough. But if I had to pick just one destination I would say Kenya. I have been to Kenya so many times in pursuit of love, adventure, philanthropy and personal growth. I remember turning 35 alone in a hotel room in Nairobi and thinking to myself, "I am alone and folding socks on the floor of a hotel room and I am still having the best time. My heart sings here."


Which hotel in the world is most locket worthy to you? What makes it special?


My locket worthy hotel is Villa Treville outside Positano. There are so many places to see in the world that I rarely repeat hotels, but Villa Treville remains the one to beat. My husband and I are swoony over it.  


What 5 things can you not live without while traveling?


I am always in hot pursuit of THE DRESS. That dress has to do the following: cover knees and shoulders, not show sweat, be nice enough for dinner on the town, and easy enough to be a coverup. Stylish and smart - no tent dress or oversized t-shirt dress will do. So three of those and SuperGoop! Unseen Sunscreen. The last item? A fantastic work of fiction that never ends - hardcopy. I want to be told a story and I do not want to have to charge it.


What has been your most memorable trip recently and why?


My sister's family is in Portland and I never get there enough. A. I get to see those dear people. B. Every time I go I send a series of texts to my best friend in LA. Just the facts of my day - no embellishment, no context. And we howl with laughter because it always reads like a script from Portlandia. Every. Single. Time.