A Guide To Scorpio Gemstone and Jewelry

A Guide To Scorpio Gemstone and Jewelry

By Violetta Lazé



Topaz is the gemstone that traditionally corresponds with Scorpio. Topaz is a gemstone that is said to represent empathy and serenity. It comes in various colors, yet the one that Scorpios can be impacted the most with is Blue Topaz for its soothing qualities to temper their fierceness. Blue Topaz is believed to bring wisdom, communication, and success. People who wear topaz are said to be able to better understand and connect with others, as well as be calmer and more peaceful. These gemstones help Scorpios surrender their guard and accept their innate desire to connect with people on a deep level. Topaz would make for an ideal Scorpio necklace that they would cherish. The presence of Topaz can also help Scorpios feel more grounded and safe, making it easier for them to open up and express their emotions. Topaz has a range of benefits for the body, including promoting relaxation, stimulating metabolism, aiding healing, boosting energy levels, and helping to align the body's meridian points.




Topaz is a beautiful stone that has been prized by many cultures throughout history. The meaning of topaz comes from the Sanskrit word for fire. Topaz is said to represent strength and endurance and it is often associated with the sun. The Romans first discovered topaz on an island in the Red Sea. The Greeks also had a name for this island, Topazios. Topaz has a shimmering quality that makes it very desirable. It's not surprising that the sparkling, shimmering beauty of topaz has been coveted by artists and nobility for centuries. Egyptians believed that the sun god Ra used this stone to enhance his will power to lead. The tribes hidden away in the South American jungle also believed that Blue Topaz had the power to cure all sorts of illnesses. The tantalizing shimmer of blue has made it a popular stone to use topaz with Scorpio jewelry for a Scorpio birthstone necklace, for those whose birth month is most associated with November or late October.


Tourmaline is a secondary modern birthstone that represents Scorpios attributes. Black tourmaline is particularly the stone that is beneficial for Scorpios to work with and wear. It is said to help keep one grounded and rooted in their power amidst many exterior influences. The potent jet black color of tourmaline is known to absorb and transmute dense negative or stagnant energy. It is a stone chiefly known for its powerful protective and stabilizing energies. A piece of tourmaline jewelry purportedly helps the wearer to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones, promoting emotional well-being. The gemstone is said to enhance psychic and intuitive abilities. Scorpios have a strong sixth sense, and this stone can help them develop that sense even further. It will help them to recognize that feeling and sensing what the eyes cannot see is one of their strongest gifts. Black tourmaline has a long history of being used for spiritual and mystical purposes. It was often used by ancient civilizations as a stone of purification, as they believed it had the power to wash away physical impurities. Many travelers carried this stone with them to prevent danger during their journeys. Black tourmaline is best worn in the form of jewelry and would make a great Scorpio pendant. When this transformative stone comes into contact with skin, it can work its magic to transmute the energy of the wearer. It's ideal to wear this stone for empaths and sensitivities who tend to get overwhelmed by social energies around them. Wearing black tourmaline is like holding up a shield and wearing a cloak guarding against negative forces and fortifying your personal force field of strength.




“How deeply can I transform the world?” asks the penetrative Scorpio. This sign symbolizes transformation as well as life and rebirth. They are the kings and queens of the underworld with an insatiable desire to understand the depths of the soul and the psychology of the mind. They know how to dance in the shadows, alchemizing darkness into the light making the best healers, doctors, researchers and investigators of the world. They have courage and are resilient enough to emerge from difficulties stronger than when they first entered them. They are the epitome of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Scorpios are extremely emotional beings who crave connection and intimacy. Their mysterious and alluring aura calls in attention with their silent presence alone. Scorpios possess a sharp perception and inner knowingness that is called intuition and psychic energy. They are capable of reading other people's thoughts and emotions without revealing any of their own. Beware of power struggles and power trips. A Scorpios love and intensity is not for the faint of heart. Privacy and trust is a high value of theirs which is why they are known to be secretive, bearing their cards close to their chest. Once you are accepted after their testing Olympics, you are locked into their heart for this lifetime and the next!