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Stories Told Here™ | The Poesy Ring Collection

Stories Told Here™ | The Poesy Ring Collection


Our Brand is all about Storytelling... 

Our retail partners and stylists – Monica included – are always inspired by the stories our customers share. Some stories make us laugh, some cry, but at the end of the day it connects us to our customers and our customers to the brand. It allows us to find the perfect piece to tell their story. In our new blog segment – Stories Told Here – we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite stories. Today’s story comes from Monica herself…

A father came into our shop and was looking for the perfect gift for his three daughters. He decided to design a poesy necklace customized for each of them. For all three, he chose the ring with ‘Love” inscribed on the inside. He then decided to add one additional ring for each daughter that he felt fit their unique personalities.


The Owl Ring, “Wisdom”, for the first daughter, since “She loves to read!”
The Snake Ring, “Never Fear”, for the second one since “She is just starting a new job"
For the third daughter, he chose the "Breathe” ring since “She loves Yoga"
It was such a thoughtful gift! Poesy Rings are always the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it be one ring with a single statement, or a combined message each piece is bespoke to the person wearing it. We encourage you to share your stories with us, we'd love to hear them!

Available in both 18K Gold and Sterling Silver, there is something for everyone.
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