A Guide to Virgo Birthstone Meaning & Jewelry

A Guide to Virgo Birthstone Meaning & Jewelry

By Violetta Lazé




Gemstones and astrology are intimately linked to one another, often working together. Each subject is respectively its own entity yet when they are paired together it offers deep insight and scope. The energy of the twelve planets and twelve signs is encoded in every type of crystal. For centuries zodiac gemstones have been believed to be a tangible representation of the cosmic alignments. Every zodiac sign is paired with its congruent qualities of a gemstone for holistic purposes.




Traditionally the birthstone that captures the qualities of dainty Virgo along with its birth month September is blue sapphire. The depiction of Virgo is the Virgin who embodies purity and the divine femininity.


The origins of birthstones date back to the first century AD, when a divine connection was made between the twelve stones, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Priests traditionally wore the primary twelve gems as part of their armor to promote good health and cultivate their inner strength.


Gemstones have long been used as talismans and considered a spiritual healing tool. It has been discovered that crystals and gemstones emit certain frequencies that can facilitate healing. They have healing properties because they are found from the purest source we have - the earth. Gemstones have been held to the ability to realign various mental, spiritual, and emotional imbalances. They have been purported to mysteriously cure and prevent physical ailments of all scales. Gemstones are a treasure trove of energy that many believe can be harnessed and tapped in to provide holistic healing, improve quality of life, deepen relationships, optimize health, transform negative situations, break toxic habits, and most importantly, bring out the wearer's greatest potential. Their magic can be activated when consciously wearing them with specific intentions.


Birthstones emerged in the first century when it was noted by the ancient Greeks that there was a correlation between the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 months of the year, and the 12 primary gemstones. These gemstones were worn and adorned by shamans and priests in order to enhance their personal will and power during sacred rituals and ceremonies.




The metaphysical properties of the traditional gemstone that represents Virgo is blue sapphire. This gemstone provides inner vision and crystal-clear clarity. It is the perfect choice of stone when trying to create a Virgo necklace or Virgo ring.


Sapphire has been referred to as the wisdom stone because it has been said to have the power to tap into deeper states of consciousness which is the source of our wisdom. This precious stone is also known to positively transform mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Sapphires are a beaming deep blue crystal that is often associated with nobility and royalty across many different cultures. Sought out after for its luxurious variety of ocean colors, sapphires are a universal symbol of truth, innocence, and sincerity. Sapphires are associated with the themes of Virgo, which include altruism, selflessness, wisdom, and purity.


As the maidens of the zodiac, Virgos are inherently timid yet strong-willed. They earn their reputation for being successful while maintaining their humility because they believe in the substance of doing the work far more than boasting about their accomplishments. Virgoans are methodical and rapid thinkers which tends to over stimulate their nervous system. They have an active mind with much mental energy which can frequently make them tense and stressed. Wearing blue sapphires are believed to help regulate their nervous system back to homeostasis and peace.


Agate is the second modern gemstone that represents the earthy nature of Virgo. They are known to be the most effective crystal when there is a need to get grounded back into your body and out of our mind. Since Virgos have a highly analytical mind, this stone will allow them to quiet and slow their thought processes while getting them back into the sense of experience of being in their body. Historically, Egyptians found the healing and protective properties of Agate to be invaluable. Persian magicians used these stones to control the thunder and lightning while in Chinese medicine agate was used to heighten the human spirit. Overall this stone can sooth a Virgos anxiety and keep their emotions beautifully balanced so that they can prosper in the world of earthly wonders. The properly chosen and cut agate, can create a unique gold Virgo necklace.




“How can I help you?” asks the Virgo. They must have thought of this question because they have a penchant to being of service to the world and everyone around them. The hearts of Virgos are large and capable of feeling a great depth of emotion, which is evident in their dedication to helping others. They love to feel wanted and needed. This earth sign is reliable and takes their responsibilities seriously. At their core, they genuinely want the best for the people in their lives, which is what makes them the best friend you go to to lean on. Virgos can learn to cater to their needs and smooth their sharp edges first before flinching to help someone else. They can learn to channel their gentle energy towards themselves to worry and overanalyze a little less in order to cultivate their inner peace without the external disruption. Virgos can also help to learn to manage their inner critic who can shout at them when things don’t go as they want them to. Releasing control and having self compassion is key to taming perfectionism. Hey, it can be tricky business being the most hard-working person in the room, we get it!

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