6 Travel Inspired Charms To Wear Now

6 Travel Inspired Charms To Wear Now

One of Monica's favorite inspirations when designing charm necklaces is adventure and travel. Her many travel inspired charm necklaces are inspired by years of being an avid traveller herself. With the world opening up again this summer, we're so excited that summer travel is back on the table for many of us - and it's made us want to wear our travel themed jewelry to remind us of the many adventures that await! Whether you're finally taking that trip to Italy or spending a few days at a beautiful lake house, there are so many different ways to have - and wear - adventures. Here are 6 of our favorite travel inspired charm necklaces...

Blue compass charm necklace

Mini Adventure Compass Charm With Blue Enamel


This blue enamel compass charm really stands out in a neck mess. The blue color is bright, flattering and happy, making it the perfect charm necklace to inspire your sense of adventure.

Hot air balloon charm necklace

Adventure Hot Air Balloon Charm Necklace


This charm is a substantial piece that truly makes a statement. It looks beautiful on a long chain on its own, or mixed with a few simple and delicate necklaces. This travel charm necklace immediately brings a smile to our face - the whimsical nature of a hot air balloon is enough to make anyone want to have a special adventure!

Telescope charm necklace

"Curiosity" Telescope Charm


We love this telescope charm necklace, which symbolizes curiosity, a key component of travel and adventure. The constant discovery of new things, fueled by ongoing curiosity, will always keep your life an adventure on a day to day basis. You don't have to travel far to let curiosity lead you to a new adventure, and this charm necklace is the perfect reminder of that.

Compass charm necklace

Adventure Compass Charm with Diamonds


Our adventure compass charm with diamonds is one of our most popular pieces, and is inscribed with one of our favorite quotes: "There are no foreign lands, it is the traveler only who is foreign." This quote reminds us to always keep an open mind when traveling to places we've never been, and empowers the traveler within us.  

Compass key charm necklace

Mini Adventure Compass Key Charm


Our mini adventure compass key represents not just a sense of adventure, but the key to unlocking and learning new and exciting things throughout your life's journey. We love the way this piece layers into a neck mess with both silver and gold.

Locket necklace with compass

Adventure Compass Locket Charm Necklace


Why not combine a travel charm and a locket necklace in one? This compass locket charm necklace does just that, and gives you a place to put photos from your adventures and travels, so that you can have an extra special reminder of your favorite moments.