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3 Ways to Wear Our Initial Charms

3 Ways to Wear Our Initial Charms

Last month we launched our colored white enamel Initial Charm Necklaces, which were a natural fit into our love for creating pieces that tell your story and empower you. While many think of initial jewelry as a way to wear the initial (s) of your name, we would suggest rethinking the way you use initial jewelry to tell your story. We of course love the idea of wearing the initial of your name, but there are so many creative ways to wear initial jewelry. It includes mixing it with your other pieces, mixing it with other letters and initials, wearing an individual letter that might mean more to you that just a name...the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of our favorite ways to wear initial jewelry...

Initial charm necklaces

Layer your initial charms with your other jewelry

Making your initial charms a part of your neck mess is one of our favorite ways to work them into your jewelry wardrobe. Choose a letter or two that tells your story - it could be the letter of your name, an initial that stands for someone or something you love, or a word that means something to you - and layer it up with other pieces that tell your story. Pair it with your favorite locket necklaces or other meaningful charms and pendants to tell a story that reflects your personal journey.


Initial pendant necklace


Wear one meaningful initial Pendant

While we love to mix and match our jewelry, we also know that sometimes jewelry speaks volumes on its own - especially the perfect pendant necklace. Choose an initial that means the most to you - your initial, the initial of your child, pet, grandmother, favorite writer - and wear it proudly to remind yourself of how that initial empowers you. The colored pendant also looks beautiful on it's own and goes with just about anything!

Initial pendant necklaces


Layer 2 or 3 initial charms to tell a story

We love layering two or three (or 4 or 5!) initial charms to tell a story. They can be such a special thing to collect and wear in a way that means something to you. You could collect the initials of your family; you could spell out a short word; you could collect the initials of words that mean something to you. There are so many ways to tell your story and empower yourself with initial pendants. Get creative and know that there is no wrong way to wear these pieces. Any letter than is meaningful to you is perfect!

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