The Inspiration Behind Our Vintage Diamond Locket Collection

The Inspiration Behind Our Vintage Diamond Locket Collection

Our latest special edition lockets are designed using 18k gold and vintage diamonds. The gold locket necklaces allow you a beautiful opportunity to tell your unique story, and are adorned with vintage diamonds, making them even richer in meaning and history. Vintage has always been a big inspiration for Monica, and she is so excited to launch this collection filled with heirloom locket necklaces that will never go out of style. Monica loves to reimagine locket necklaces as pieces for the modern woman to hold her storie and loved ones close. These vintage diamond lockets are the perfect modern take on what will always be a classic piece of jewelry. Here, Monica discusses the inspiration behind these unique pieces...


"I have always loved vintage mine cut and European Cut diamonds. These diamonds have so much history . We may not know where they have been, or what century old jewelry pieces they were in, or where they were in the world, but we do know they were special. I often ask myself, where did these diamonds travel with the woman who owned them? Were they perhaps worn in a piece that attended a royal event, or a famous evening we all know was a part of history? Could they even have been in a royal tiara at some point? Originally these diamonds were designed into pieces for women to wear by candlelight; thats all there was at the time and a woman's diamond jewelry was there to enhance her."

Vintage diamond lockets

"When I find these diamonds in certain pieces I like to imagine the woman who wore them…where did she go…what did she wear…who was she? It's a bit of history already handed to you. I love to take these wonderful diamonds and then redesign a new modern piece for women of today. Then a women can create her own history with this piece - and keep the story going."