Our Values

Our Values

Jewelry should not just be beautiful. It should empower you.


  • It should mean something, make you stronger. Our collections are rooted in your personal storytelling. Choose the pieces to reflect your individual journeys. We create Everyday Jewelry for your Every Day, incorporating the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. From our sterling silver jewelry (starting at $60) to our most luxurious one of a kind 18K gold pieces, you will always receive the same superior experience.


Our Jewelry Design & Craftsmanship


All of our jewelry is designed in the United States and produced with our established manufacturing partners in New York, Europe and Thailand. Jewelry design and product execution is very important to us so only the most talented artisans in the world bring our collections to life; creating a product that is both beautiful and stands the test of time.


We pride ourselves on making jewelry that moves with you. Whether it be a locket with hinges and mechanisms to keep your photos safely inside, a pocketwatch key that swivels in your hand or a charm necklace with articulated parts and elements that will surprise and delight, we want our jewelry to move and integrate easily into your daily life. When filling our lockets with photos, you will hear a “click” once closed securely. This ensures your stories are kept safe. We aim to use the strongest materials for the safety of your pieces. Our lockets use gold wire to ensure the hinges and closures remain strong for years to come.


Finally, we love to collaborate with our customers on custom pieces as part of our jewelry design process. We have created a team that can work with you to customize many of our gold collections, creating special bespoke items just for you.


Our Ethically Sourced Diamonds & Our Metal


All of our diamonds are natural and ethically sourced under the Kimberly Process Certification, the KPCS regulates the mining and trading of natural diamonds, preventing conflict diamonds from entering the market. The color, cut and clarity of our natural diamonds are very important to us - all of our diamonds are FG-VS2.


Additionally, we have chosen to work with solid 18k gold as it’s known for a higher level of purity and value. 18K gold is 75% pure gold, mixed with various alloys to create the beautiful yellow, rose or white color of the metal.


Our sterling silver jewelry is 92.5% pure silver, mixed with various alloys to add strength to the metal. As an added level of quality, we finish our sterling silver with white rhodium so your pieces will not tarnish over time.


Our Two-Tone jewelry is made up of solid 18k gold and white rhodium finished sterling silver. The solid gold pieces, never plated, are attached by master jewelers to the sterling silver during the assembly process.




We take pride in our sustainable business practices. As a growing company, we are always working to better improve our ways of working and our environmental impact. Improving our sustainability is important to us and we will be updating our communications on this front through the OUR VALUES page as we continually improve our business.


For example, packaging is a major sustainability focus of ours. We use shipping boxes made of 70% recycled cardboard, and select the smallest shipping box possible for our products, while still providing our luxury brand experience. Our tissue paper is 100% SFI certified and our marketing materials, including our paper jewelry boxes, are 100% FSC certified (SFI and FSC are sustainable forestry programs).




We only work with a select group of factories located in New York, Europe & Thailand. We take pride in the relationships we have built and work every day to ensure that our business goals and workplace values are always aligned. We take our values seriously and work with our partners on the importance of quality in both the workplace and in our products.


Monica Cares


Monica Cares has been an ongoing initiative for our Brand centered around giving. Currently, we have partnered with North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) and Women in Need (WIN) to offer exclusively designed pieces from our Poesy Ring Collection. The styles have special poesy inscriptions reflecting the respective missions of each partner and 50%+ of the sale proceeds go to each charity. The NSALA poesy ring features a paw print design with "Unconditional Love” inscribed on the inside, the WIN ring features a “Hope-Love-Win” inscription. As a company, we are continuing to look at new initiatives under the MONICA CARES umbrella.


Shop for a Cause.




Finally, we love to collaborate with our customers on custom pieces as part of our jewelry design process. We have created a team that can work with you to customize many of our gold collections, creating special bespoke items just for you.


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