Style at Any Age | Mother's Day

Style at Any Age | Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend on May 13th and it’s one of my favorite holidays. I see it as a day that you can celebrate all of the women who have had an impact on your life. 


I am blessed to be a daughter, mother and recently a grandmother. I am even lucky enough to be working with my girls (both grown women now) on various projects. They have made me proud and along with my mom have also inspired pieces in my collection.



One of the pieces that I am wearing is a go-to piece for me and also is one of the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It’s my MRK 18K gold Infinity locket. The bail on the locket is shaped into an infinity sign, which represents how these generational relationships are continuous and are looped together so that they can never come undone. I wear a photo of my daughters when they were younger on one side of the inner locket and my dog on the other side! 


It keeps them close to my heart always and is also a piece that can be worn layered with shorter pendants and longer charm necklaces in the collection. But here I wear it simply as both my wrists are stacked and I never want to look over accessorized but instead like to create a balance.

I wear them with a take on a menswear pattern shirt by Frame of pinstripes, which I feel is classic and clean-lined and bold in its feminine twist. It’s crisp and polished with a white tank and Row white trousers and Gucci shoes.

Just remember as Mother’s day draws closer, you can be a daughter, aunt, sister, friend, mother, grandmother or great grandmother and have style at any age!