Style at Any Age | Charm Necklaces

Style at Any Age | Charm Necklaces

I have always loved jewelry that allows you to share something about yourself with the world or pieces which only you know the meaning. My jewelry is based on sentiment, emotion and romance—pieces that you can add to and allow your very personal story to unfold.

One of my newer go to pieces right now is from my “Design Your Own Charm Necklace” collection. This collection allows you to select one of our charm chains and then add on charms that when worn together inspire and empower you!

Today I am wearing my Moon/Dream and Carpe Diem charms on the 36 inch chain. I have always believed in following your passion, living life to the fullest and going after what you want in life.


I have layered my charm necklace with my shorter "Adventure" Poesy Necklace, which I rarely take off. I have talked about my love for travel before and I like to always wear a piece that speaks to that part of myself. On my wrist are my charm bracelet, bangles, and 3 poesy bracelets which I wear everyday with all other combinations of jewelry.


As you know, I’m a strong believer in mixing high and low fashion for casual elegance. I tend to choose my jewelry first and then choose my clothes. Here I compliment my charm necklace with the simplicity of a T-shirt and a beautifully cut Yves Saint Laurent jacket with Zara jeans and my black velvet Aquazzura boots. I also love all my dads pocket squares which he used to wear everyday. They remind me of how chic he was. I like to put them around my neck or tie onto my handbags. 

I have designed a wide range of charms and chains for you to design your own necklace, to reveal your story and show your style at any age.