Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Discover our

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

From must-have lockets to empowering charm necklaces,
we have the perfect unforgettable gift for her.

Discover our

Valentine's Day
Gift Guide

From must-have lockets to empowering charm necklaces, we have the perfect unforgettable gift for her.

Tell her

I love you more

"I Love You More" Engraved Poesy Ring Necklace


from $60

"I Love You More" Poesy Ring Necklace in 18K Gold


from $1,145

"I love you more" Aquamarine Poesy Bracelet




Mini "Love" Charm



from $185


she'll love

Slim "Viv" Locket Necklace


from $195

Slim "Britt" Gold Locket Necklace


from $1,795

"Elle" Stone Slim

Locket Necklace


Slim Oval "Tess"

Two-Tone Locket Necklace


from $385

The Four Image "Midi"
Sapphire Locket



The Four Image "Premier"
Diamond Locket



Infinity Diamond & Gold
Locket Necklace


from $3,250

Sun and Star Locket

in Sterling Silver



Empower Her

Charm Necklaces

"Dorothy" Medallion in Sterling Silver


from $160

"Queen Bee" Charm with Diamonds


from $1,075

"My Earth" Charm Necklace


from $3,650

Birthstone Necklace

"Moon" Birthstone Necklace


from $225

"Dorothy" Medallion

in 18K Gold



Midi Crescent Moon

Water Opal Midi Crescent Moon Necklace with Diamonds



Mini "Adventure"
Compass Charm


from $98

Sun, Moon and Stars Medallion with Diamonds


from $2,385

Design Your Own Charm Necklace

Create a custom style for her


"Queen Bee" and "Dorothy" Medallion Charm Necklace




Mini "Carpe Diem" Key and Mini "Apollo" Charm Necklace




"Dream" and "Sun, Moon and Stars" Medallion Necklace



"Queen Bee" with White Enamel and "Dream" Moon Pearl Charm Necklace



Locket - Zodiac - Initial

X Color

White Enamel Vermeil Cushion
Locket with Blue Sapphire



Turquoise Enamel and
Vermeil Round Locket



Mini Zodiac Enamel
Vermeil Charm


from $275

Mini White Enamel
Vermeil Initial Charms


from $235

Inspire Her

Poesy Stackable Rings

Turquoise "Warrior" Poesy

Stackable Ring


from $58

"Queen Bee" Poesy

Stackable Ring


from $465

"Adventure" Compass Poesy

Stackable Ring


from $435

"One of a Kind" Sapphire Poesy Stackable Ring


from $92


Sterling Silver Gifts

Under $300


Find Pefect Little Luxuries in

18K Gold Under $1500


Craftsmanship. Quality.

High Jewelry


Frames, Journals, & More

Gifts for Him

There is no better time to Celebrate Love than Valentine’s Day.
Throughout our collection are so many ways to share that celebration  with the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

Any locket in our collection allows you to tell a love story. Our Locket Bar allows you to unleash the creativity of that story in photos and words that can be added to any locket you purchase. What better Valentine’s gifts for her than a secret story in her locket that she will only reveal at a time and place she chooses. Our Charm and Design Your Own Collections feature styles with meanings of love, inspiration, and empowerment. They are what Valentine’s Day jewelry should be in that they allow you to find or create the stories that are uniquely hers. You can create or choose a Valentine’s Day necklace around themes like strength, adventure, perseverance and never fear, to name just a few. Similarly, our Sun, Moon and Stars collection allows your gift for her to be a reminder that you love her to the moon and back. And our I Love Your More poesy rings can be worn as a stackable ring or added to a short chain as an everyday necklace. With so many ways to celebrate love, all of these collections are also offered in sterling silver or 18k gold and encompass a broad range of price points so you can easily find whatever Valentine’s Day jewelry you are looking for. If you are looking for even more gift inspiration, please visit our How to Wear It Pages. There you will find so many styling combinations featuring pieces throughout our collections. The looks are designed to inspire you and help you to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Finally, please feel free to reach out to our MRK Stylist team at concierge@monicarichkosann.com for any help in choosing just the right gift.