What's in My jewelry box?

What's in My jewelry box?

My six top tips for how to organize and store your jewelry


I have to be honest. Even though I am a jewelry designer, I am probably not the best person to tell you how to keep and organize your jewelry. I’m constantly putting my jewelry in jacket pockets and leaving items at the bottom of my purse. While I put my fine jewelry pieces into cases, velvet pouches, or pretty drawstring bags, I forget to take the extra moment to organize the chains so my necklaces will get tangled, causing me to spend a lot of time untangling and reorganizing the mess I created (that's when I need my Breathe Poesy Ring or Bracelet!)


Actually my team is always happy to let me handle and wear test any new jewelry style for awhile. They think that if the style survives my wear and tear then it certainly is built for a lifetime. In spite of it all, my singular methods do seem to work for me because as of this blog posts’ press time, I really have never lost a good piece of jewelry. Not to make light of it, because taking care of your fine jewelry is really important, but sometimes i think that if I became too organized then suddenly I wouldn't know where anything is.


I have however learned along the way what works best when I want to organize my jewelry, so when I'm trying my best at making my jewelry box look great, these are some of the things that work for me!


  • 1. Keep as many pieces as possible separated in little drawstring jewelry pouches. This way they are individually protected. For necklaces, always leave a bit of chain hanging outside the top of the pouch to avoid tangling (and then the dreaded untangling!)


Jewelry pouch


2. This is a perfect example of what not to do...throwing them all in one box. Tangles, scratches, yikes. I promise this was an old photo. But with a jewelry box that sits on a shelf or dresser top, if it has a nice soft bottom you can arrange your pieces neatly so they are separated and safe.


A messy jewelry box


3. I love Little dishes and little boxes as another great way to organize my jewelry.. I have a tray that I keep for all these charming receptacles. I put rings in one one bowl, earrings in another, charms in another. Never more than a few or pairs so they don't scratch. Its a good way to keep them organized and easy to find. Seeing them all keeps you creative in how to mix and wear everything for your day. It also looks pretty on your desktop or dresser!


Jewelry in dishes
  2. 4. One thing that has been a lifesaver for me when I travel are the jewelry pouches that are split inside to have two separate areas. I am obsessed with them and we actually have them for our brand. When you put the a necklace in, the pendant is on one side, the chain looped onto the other so again, no tangling.
  4. 5. Do you know those old fashion tackle boxes that you can buy in arts and craft stores? Well I use them to organize all my charms and my chains, pieces that don't scratch easily. It may not be for everyone but it works nicely for select pieces.
Jewelry organized in a craft box


  1. 6. Find a great jewelry box. Maybe even a vintage one? They can be discovered at a flea market or sometimes there is one sitting unused and forgotten within your own family. Some of the older boxes are beautifully lined, and provide an elegant home for your treasured pieces.


  1. 7. Lastly, pick up a nice travel pouch or roll. There are so many great ones available. We sometimes will offer one as a gift with purchase. When your not traveling, they are a great way to keep pieces organized at home as well.


Jewelry in a travel pouch


Hope my tips (and honesty about my own efforts to do better) are helpful. If you need any tips on how to care for your MRK pieces please reach out to us at concierge@monicarichkosann.com.


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