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    Diamond Cross Charm

    Starting from $3,575

One of the most treasured pieces of jewelry for so many of us is a simple cross charm that may have entered our jewelry box at some meaningful moment in our life’s journey.%expanded-mobile%

It is a jewelry piece that celebrates our faith, and whether it was received at a christening, a birthday, a confirmation or some other special event, that cross charm surely holds special meaning; particularly if it was gifted by a close family member or friend.%expanded-desktop%

At a higher value level, an 18k gold cross charm is a wonderful choice as a gift to ourselves or to others. Whether is in created in all gold or incorporates diamonds or other stones, it can be a timeless and elegant style option. For a fun twist, other colored stones or materials like enamel can make the 18K gold cross charm modern and unique. At the same time, a sterling silver cross charm is a wonderful everyday option that will work with anything in our wardrobe. No matter the metal, when these designs are coupled with a simple 16-18 inch chain we have the perfect cross charm necklace. If one also has any of our hinged link bracelet chains, one styling option is to slip your cross charm off of the necklace chain and create a cross charm bracelet by easily slipping the charm onto one of the hinged links.

Another category of cross charms that we love are vintage cross charms. These can often be found in antique markets around the world, and some are unparalleled in their beauty and craftsmanship. At Monica Rich Kosann, we love taking vintage diamonds from century old pieces and creating new “vintage cross charms” by combining those diamonds with 18k yellow gold or white gold. You can usually find our latest offering by visiting our High Jewelry page. You can also reach out to us at concierge@monicarichkosann.com to inquire about the availability of these unique styles.