How Birthstone Necklaces Can Empower Us

How Birthstone Necklaces Can Empower Us

The Inspiring Meanings Behind Each Birthstone


What is my birthstone? It’s a common question and so many of us find our birthstones to be an inspiring part of our personal story. The beauty of each monthly birthstone is unique, and when captured in a birthstone necklace it can be a meaningful daily talisman. So, with that in mind, we thought it would be fun to explore the meanings behind the actual gemstone that is our “birthstone.” These meanings have evolved over centuries, and they are the key element that can make our birthstone necklace so empowering.


January Birthstone – Garnet


Garnets are one of the world’s oldest recognized stones. Archaeologists and historians trace the garnet back to jewelry pieces in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It was a stone that even Noah was said to have taken on the Ark, and it protected Kings and warriors as they entered into battle. In that vein, the garnet was thought to have protective powers, and its deep red color was associated with the stirring emotions of the heart that might lift one to do great deeds. Like all things red, the garnet birthstone was tied to love and passion. How many more powerful forces can one birthstone necklace impart for us?


February Birthstone – Amethyst


Ancient beliefs associated amethysts with the ability to prevent drunkenness, and allow for more sober thoughts. The word amethystos means “not drunk” in Ancient Greek. This somewhat questionable quality of the stone did allow for amethysts to become known as stones that could promote inner peace, and a calmness of thoughts. It is this meaning of tranquility and calm that can inspire any of us with a February birthday.


March Birthstone – Aquamarine


As a stone that radiates the azure blue of seas and oceans, aquamarine birthstone necklaces are inevitably filled with the most powerful qualities of water. They are stones that are imbued with powerful forces of healing and cleansing, and these internal benefits afford us a clarity of thought and intuition. At the same time, ancient mariners believed that possessing an aquamarine could protect them from dangerous journeys across the seas. So much good comes from the oceans and powerful bodies of water that surround us that the aquamarine can also represent strength.


April Birthstone – Diamonds


While modern society has associated diamonds with love and romance, the incredible purity of the diamond elevates its meaning to a different level. The diamond is unrivaled among gemstones for its sparkle and visual clarity. In that sense, it symbolizes light, clarity, and perfection. What better qualities could there be for an inspiring self-purchase…and if the diamond is a gift from a special someone then these empowering ideas pair perfectly with a bit of love!


May Birthstone – Emerald


As a gemstone that has meanings that trace back to so many early empires and civilizations, the emerald may have few rivals. The powers and qualities related to emeralds ranged from immortality to wisdom to fertility. The stone was purported to be one of Cleopatra’s favorites, and in that regard is often referred to as the stone of kings and royalty. There are so many empowering roads and emerald can take us down that we should cherish this birthstone necklace as a piece in our jewelry boxes.


June Birthstone – Pearls


Being the only birthstone that derives from the sea, the pearl has special qualities all its own. Some ancients considered pearls to be the teardrops of the gods, giving them a truly mystical quality. The expression “pearls of wisdom” will tie pearls forever to the empowerment of knowledge, and its watery birthplace has tied pearls to the moon and its power over the tides. This connection to the heavens also intersects with Venus and its namesake goddess who also came from the sea, linking pearls to both beauty and love. Any pearl necklace or strand allows us to feel empowered on many levels so it is only natural that it should enjoy a cherished place within our wardrobe classics.


July Birthstone – Ruby


The are so many royal Courts over time that took the color red as a symbol of power, is it any surprise that rubies too would become known as the stone of kings? In that regard the ruby symbolized both wealth and power, but of equal importance they were known as stone that would protect the wearer. Other cultures celebrated rubies as stones that would bring us joy, health and success. With all these qualities to empower us, a July birthstone necklace deserves to be an everyday style for those of us born during this summer month.


August Birthstone – Peridot


As a stone that only comes in a magical green shade, peridot has always been associated with nature and the world around us. In that vein, its inspiring characteristics include harmony, peacefulness and good heath. In turn, it is a stone associated with compassion. The serenity of these qualities is such that any peridot birthstone will inspire us with its aura of calm.


September Birthstone – Sapphire


The rich blue of classic sapphires have always linked these stones to the heavens and all celestial features. It is a stone connected over centuries to the gods Venus and Apollo, whose characteristics range from beauty and strength to music and love. The rays of the star in a star sapphire were believed by some to embody faith, hope and destiny. Other cultures attributed health and success as attributes. In short, the long history of sapphires, and the meanings attached to them, make this birthstone necklace empowering on so many levels.


October Birthstone – Opal


Opal is another stone with a rich history and a broad range of qualities attached to it. Some cultures believed it would give the power of invisibility, something that could come in handy for all of us at some time or another! Opals are also a stone imbued with powers of healing, all the while also being thought to promote happiness and confidence. Those who cherish their opals, whether as birthstone necklaces, or as a ring, bracelet or earring, often believe them to be talismans that will bring luck, something that any of us with an October birthday can find empowering.


November Birthstone – Topaz


Topaz is a stone often associated with wealth and prosperity. Some believe that the golden color of so many topaz stones inferred an association with gold, hence the journey to the meaning associated with wealth. The ability to promote health is also a characteristic of topaz so combining that with a bit of prosperity is a strong inspiration for the wearer.


December Birthstone – Turquoise


Turquoise is a stone revered by ancient cultures worldwide, from the Middle East to the Americas. In Aztec culture turquoise was treasured more that gold, but across all these earlier societies the stone’s power for luck and protection was a common theme. Above all, the stone’s bright color represents hope, and certain Native American cultures believed turquoise could be found at the end of a rainbow. What better place for us to journey in our turquoise birthstone necklace!

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