Heirloom Bracelets That Transcend Time

Heirloom Bracelets That Transcend Time

There is nothing like heirloom jewelry to add meaning to how you tell your story each day. Heirloom pieces add to our history and make our jewelry collections extra special. Here are 8 heirloom bracelets that transcend time, both in style and meaning...

Audrey chain bracelet

Audrey Link Charm Bracelet in 18K Gold


Our Audrey link bracelet is a classic gold chain that will never go out of style. It's delicate but still has some weight, and is a great chain to use to create your own custom charm bracelet which you can build over the years to tell your story. A charm bracelet is the ultimate heirloom bracelet, and can be passed down and updated over generations.

Sun moon stars bracelets

Sun, Moon and Stars Dangling Diamond and Moonstone Bracelet


This sun moon and stars bracelet is both unique and delicate, and fits seamlessly into any jewelry collection of bracelets. The diamonds and moonstone add subtle shine and it is a wonderful reminder to continue to dream, a message that never gets old. For this reason, it's an heirloom bracelet that really stands the test of time.

Sterling silver tennis bracelet

Baguette Round and Sapphire Tennis Bracelet


Is there anything more classic than a tennis bracelet? Our new tennis bracelet collection pays homage to the history of the tennis bracelet (first coined by tennis great Chris Evert), and is designed in a way that maintains the classic feel but adds a unique touch that will make it stand out from a typical tennis bracelet. It's a beautiful heirloom bracelet that not only stands the test of time, but also is born from an iconic moment in the history of jewelry.

Sun moon stars bracelets

Sun Moon and Stars Moonstone and Sapphire Steel Chain Bracelet


We love this sun moon and stars bracelet because it has a little bit of an edge, but still maintains a classic feeling. The pearls and sapphire moons are peppered throughout the black steel chain, which stands out on any wrist. While it feels a little bit more edgy, it can be worn with clean and simple jewelry, or by someone who is more adventurous with their style, making it an eternally classic bracelet.

Emerald and white gold tennis bracelet

Bezel Set Diamond and Emerald Tennis Bracelet


This is another unique diamond tennis bracelet that pays homage to the day Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match, and first coined the phrase 'tennis bracelet'. This tennis bracelet makes a major statement with a beautiful emerald in the center, commemorating the green in the court on that day. It is a show stopping piece to pay down from generation to generation.

Carpe diem pave bracelet

Diamond Pave Carpe Diem Bracelet


Carpe Diem is a saying that is has truly transcended time, and so will this diamond and pave bracelet. It's a delicate and classic piece that you'll never want to take off, and pairs with absolutely anything, day or night. This rose gold and diamond bracelet makes the perfect heirloom piece, as it truly suits any style.

Marilyn gold chain bracelet

Marilyn Pave Link Chain Bracelet in Yellow Gold


This Marilyn pave link chain bracelet is a major investment piece, and one worthy of any jewelry collector. It's bold and classic, and looks beautiful on it's own, or paired with other statement bracelets. You can also build a charm bracelet, or adorn it with one meaningful charm. This bracelet truly withstands the test of time.

Rock crystal bracelet

Rock Crystal Single Row Bracelet


This rock crystal bracelet is the perfect elegant bracelet to take you from day to evening. It looks great with a white button down shirt, or with an evening dress. It's a versatile bracelet that feels both romantic and classic, making it the perfect heirloom piece.