5 Tips From Monica On Living With What You Love

5 Tips From Monica On Living With What You Love

Refresh your home in 2021 by truly letting yourself live with what you love. We asked Monica (whose book Living With What You Love always provides so much inspiration for us and our homes) to share 5 tips for updating your home this month to really maximize the things you love most....


From Monica...


Surround yourself with the things you love. Create intimate spaces with family photos, cherished heirlooms and collectibles (especially now, as we all want to relive all our adventures). Here are some of my favorite ways to live with what you love...

Gallery walls of photos

1. Frame all of your family photos - Framebridge and Keepsake are terrific options to do this easily - and make a family wall. You can do this in a room in your home, in a hallway or on a staircase...I call this “ Happy Hallways” so everyone can see all the celebratory moments. You can also make beautiful family groupings with smaller frames on tables and shelves in your home. Mix and match vintage frames with newer frames to give it an eclectic and warm feeling.

Objects and collectibles displayed on tables

2. Take out your favorite collectibles and group them together on tables in your home. Find things from travels to revisit your adventures and put them in groups and clusters so that when you look at the surfaces in your home you are reminded of your favorite memories. I love using trays for this, as they keep your home looking pulled together while giving your collectibles a beautiful and organized place to be on display.

Shelves of pottery displayed

3. Showcase artwork made by your children in inventive ways. Frame their artwork and mix it into a gallery wall. Mix special pieces of clay or pottery they make with new pottery and special objects to fill your shelves. It adds so much warmth to your home and will always make you smile!

Collectibles on a table

4. Create special and personal spaces for yourself. Make your bathroom or your bedroom your quiet space. Or create an area in your office with some of your favorite collections or objects to center you throughout the day. Put photos that make you happy on the wall; put out a beautiful collection of perfume bottles, pottery, antiques and objects you love. You can even display your jewelry by hanging it on special jewelry holders so you can easily get to it and enjoy looking at it when you aren't wearing it.

Wall of decorative plates

5. Hang unlikely things on your wall…like a group of weather vanes, plates, or notes, emails and letters you have saved. Surrounding yourself with unexpected but meaningful things will make you smile every day.

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