Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaids Gifts

Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaids Gifts

It can be challenging to find the perfect bridesmaids gift - particularly when you're shopping for a group of women who are all unique and different. Here, we're sharing our 10 favorite bridesmaids gift. Each gift will empower and inspire your bridesmaids to tell their own stories, and many are easy to personalize. We hope you love these ideas as much as we do...

'One of a Kind' Stackable Poesy Ring


Remind your bridesmaids that they are special, but gifting them this 'One of a Kind' stackable poesy ring. It's as chic and cool as it is meaningful, and looks beautifully with other stacking rings, or on its own.

Carpe Diem Blue Sapphire Poesy Bracelet


Why not gift your bridesmaids with a little something blue? This Carpe Diem blue sapphire poesy bracelet will inspire them to seize the day.

Mini Dream Moon Necklace with Diamonds


Inspire your bridesmaid by giving them a necklace that makes them dream. This diamond moon necklace is a worthy splurge. It's so elegant that they can even wear it with their bridesmaids dresses when they walk down the aisle.

Mini 'Happiness' Sun Key Necklace


The key to everything is happiness, so gift them with this mini 'happiness' sun key charm necklace and make them smile. It will fit perfectly into their current neck mess, and add a nice layer to their personal stories.

White Enamel Locket with Blue Sapphire


We love the idea of giving your bridesmaids a locket. Gift them with a colorful piece from our Locket x Color collection. This style is our most popular, but the colors certainly suit a wedding-related gift. Fill it with a photo of the two of you to make it even more personal.

The 'Dorothy' Medallion


Empower your bridesmaids with our Dorothy Medallion. This is one of our favorite pieces in the collection. You can't go wrong gifting a woman this sentiment: "You had the power all along my dear."

Sterling Silver Photo Frame


If you're looking for something that isn't jewelry, a sterling silver frame from our home décor collection is an elegant gift for any bridesmaid. You can't go wrong with this classic present.

Slim Cushion Corded 'Viv' Locket


This youthful and sleek locket is incredibly modern, and looks great layered with other necklaces. Fill it with a photograph of you two, or of something or someone you know she loves.

Diamond Critter Stingray 'Balance' Necklace


Our critter necklaces are perfect for the modern woman. We love our stingray necklace for a bridesmaid, to remind her that her friendship keeps you balanced - and continue to do so on your wedding day!

Sun, Moon and Stars Moonstone and Steel Chain Bracelet


Remind your bridesmaids to reach for the stars with this show-stopping and dreamy bracelet. It's a unique bridesmaids gift that will make her feel like the special friend she is.

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