Huggie Earrings 101: Your Ultimate Guide to This Chic Jewelry Staple

Huggie Earrings 101: Your Ultimate Guide to This Chic Jewelry Staple


Earrings are an empowering staple in any contemporary jewelry wardrobe, and huggie earrings continue to be prominent for their styling versatility. Whether worn individually or in combination with other earring designs, huggie earrings are the perfect accent for your unique look and identity. In this guide, we’ll explore what makes huggie earrings so popular and how to incorporate them into your style.


What are Huggie Earrings?

Nestling gently against the ear, huggie earrings are small and often circular in style. They are typically secured by hinges or snap closures. Available in a variety of materials including 18k gold and sterling silver, huggie earrings may incorporate diverse textures and distinctive patterns into their designs or emphasize the chic simplicity of the metal’s natural sheen. Precious gems like emeralds, pearls or diamonds, may also be used in various designs or even serve as a singular focal point.


The History and Evolution of Huggie Earrings

Tracing their lineage from the timeless hoop, huggie earrings have evolved over time and continuously remain very popular types of earrings. Worn by men and women in multiple ancient civilizations, hoop earrings often graced the ears of individuals with greater social standing, such as royals and other wealthy and powerful members of a community. Within the last two centuries, this hoop earring style emerged as a distinct fashion trend for all rather than being associated with a particular class. Additionally, as the current century arrived, the distinctive yet smaller huggie earrings grew more popular due to their increased comfort in comparison to the sometimes larger and heavier hoops. From classic elegance to cutting-edge fashion, huggie earrings provide a wide range of styles that match an equal array of personal stories behind the earrings.


Why Huggie Earrings are a Must-Have in Your Jewelry Collection

Whether you are one to make a bold statement or someone who whispers elegance through minimalist design, huggie earrings are the perfect companion to your jewelry collection. With their array of shapes and designs, they seamlessly align with changing fashion trends and evolving personal styles. While huggie earrings are generally subtle alone, they can be layered to craft unique looks that showcase your depth, ingenuity, charm and more. And, with the grace of their lightweight design, huggie earrings offer the comfort to act as everyday earrings that are indispensable pieces in your collection.


Different Styles and Variations of Huggie Earrings

Whether you are looking for your first pair of huggie earrings or the latest addition to your jewelry collection, you’ll find a variety of options to explore. Below, we’ve included a few of our favorites to display the possibilities of this design and its potential to express your individuality.



18K Gold "Points North" Earring with Rock Crystal

These 18K Yellow Gold Points North® earring features a faceted rock crystal drop.



Sterling Silver Small Perseverance Huggie Earrings





Our Iconic Perseverance Fish Design inspired the Sculptural Silhouette of these huggie earrings. They offer a contemporary, modern style you can wear every day. And why Perseverance? Because fish only swim forward!



Infinity Huggie Earrings with Sapphires




The Infinity symbol reminds us that anything is possible. These Sterling Silver Infinite & Boundless huggie earrings feature pave white sapphire accents. The streamlined profile of this re-imagined Infinity Symbol deconstructs the symbol into two matching huggies that are contemporary, modern styles you can wear every day.


How to Style Huggie Earrings for Different Occasions

Choosing jewelry is influenced by factors including occasion, time of day, anticipated activities and location, as well as personal preference. Here are three tips for wearing huggie earrings to create looks that tell your story:


  • Formal occasions may call for a tiered or layered look. With huggie earrings, unique designs with distinctive gems like emeralds, sapphires or diamonds will illuminate your look to suit particularly fancy events such as a black-tie gala or formal wedding.

  • For a professional and focused workday look, harmonize the material, patterns or gems of your huggie earrings with your other accessories. For example, pair the Sterling Silver Small Perseverance Huggie Earrings with a sterling silver charm bracelet or a necklace from our “Perseverance” collection.

  • In casual, relaxed atmospheres, huggie earrings alone provide that little extra polish to any outfit. They can also be paired with stud earrings in a comparable size or material, like our Water Opal & Diamond Star Stud Earrings, for a thoughtful, yet seemingly effortless finish that works for even the most low-key backyard BBQs or child’s soccer game.

Embracing the Huggie Earrings Trend

As a versatile addition to any jewelry collection, huggie earrings offer a simple, yet sophisticated way to complement any moment, outfit or occasion that is part of your personal journey. From concerts with friends to the day you said yes, huggie earrings are an essential accessory for daily wear as well as the defining and memorable experiences in one’s personal journey.


FAQs About Huggie Earrings

What Makes Huggie Earrings Different from Other Earrings?

Although they are most similar in shape to hoop earrings, huggie earrings are smaller in size with closer to the ear. Their versatility echoes that of ear cuffs, but huggie earrings require piercing and include a closure feature to secure the earring.


Are Huggie Earrings Comfortable for Daily Wear?

Yes! Their smaller size makes them a lightweight option for daily wear, whether they are worn alone or combined with other earrings.


Can Huggie Earrings be Worn on Any Part of the Ear?

Huggie earrings are often worn on any part of the ear, not just the lobe. However, huggie earrings do require a location on the ear that has been pierced.


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